Interlefts Softball Team



The 2008 Interlefts at Intelefts Reunion Game vs. Mercy Rule, August 16, 2008.



The 2007 Interlefts.


The 2007 Interlefts at Easter Seals charity game.

The 2006 Interlefts.
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Some of the 2005 Interlefts at the Easter Seal game.
Bill and Zeke came out of retirement to play with us!

The 2005 Interlefts

Team Roster

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Welcome to the official Interleft Softball Team Homepage.  This site is purely about the Interleft Softball Team ("The Team Formally Known as the Interleaf Softball Team") and its members.  If you are a member of the team, this is the place where you can find out what is going on, what you may have missed, when the next game is, who are currently on the team, etc.  And if you are not on the team, let me introduce you to the team by saying that the Interleft Softball Team may not be the best softball team in the world, but we suely know how to have fun!   I hope that tradition will continue through our 1998 Season and beyond.

Please make yourself at home and meet all the players, learn a bit about the history of the team, and share with us all the fun we have every season!


About the Team -- Find out what Interleft Softball Team is all about.


Latest News -- This is where you find all the latest news and transactions, and you can keep yourself updated on upcoming events.


Roster -- Meet the 2006 Interlefts -- the 1998 Prospect Hill Summer Softball League Champions!!


Statistics -- Now that you've met all the players, how have they been performing on the field?  There is only one way to find out!  Also, you can find who are the career leaders in Interleft Softball history!


Schedule & Game Results -- Find out when the next party is here.  Oh, you can find out when our games and practices are also, as well as game results - who won the game and  who hit the game winning homer.


History -- Find out a bit of history and interesting facts about the team.  Have you wondered who has struck out the most in the past three years?  Who consumes the most alcohol at the games?  All the answers are waiting here....


League Information -- Who runs the Prospect Hill Summer Softball League?  Which teams play in it?   What are the rules of the game?  These questions are all answered here.


Scenes -- Some pictures from the 2001 season are here.


Maps -- Maps and directions to where we practice and play the games, as well as map and directions to our favorite hangout after our games and practices to recover from dehydration.


Team Rules & Pointers -- A few rules imposed by the Team Dictator.  The coach also shares with you a few pointers in fielding and batting.


What's New - See what's new at the Interleft Softball Web.


Links -- Links to some sites related to Interlefts and links to the neighbors of this home page.


Search -- A little navigation tool.


The 2003 Interlefts

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The 2000 Interlefts

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The 2001 Interlefts

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