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Hi!  My name is Mitz, and this is my personal page.  I hope you will let me use this page to introduce myself to you if you do not know me already.  And if you do know me, why don't you catch up with the latest news

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05/01/2008  Begin renovation project; removed about 200 pages from this site.  More changes to come.
08/27/2005  Added some new photos and even a video (!) in the Photo Album.
12/07/2002  Reconstruction begins.  Will it ever end?  Probably not :o)
12/19/2000  Site moved to a new server.
09/02/2000  Photo Album updated.
07/23/2000  Photo Album updated.
06/18/2000  Family page updated.
05/20/2000  Photo Album updated.





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