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I'm sorry, I really need to work on this page...but meanwhile, please enjoy the following photos of my family.

FamilyChristmas97.JPG (67351 bytes)
Dad, Sis, Mom, and Me on Christmas 1997.


northend.jpg (19946 bytes)
Mom, Sis, and me at a cafe in North End, April '98.


masako1.jpg (17277 bytes)
Sis and I at her birthday party, 1998.


GradFamilyL.jpg (27073 bytes)
Mom, sis, me, and dad the day before my Lehigh Graduation
(I was hurting from sunburn that I got from the week before at Sea Isle City, NJ).


Mom_Dad_In_FL_Keys.JPG (80177 bytes)
Mom and Dad in Florida Keys, January 1997.


Dad_In_Venice1.JPG (57536 bytes)
Dad in Venice, Italy, July 1994.


Dad_In_Rome1.JPG (65250 bytes)
Dad In Rome, July 1994.


SnoopyFamily1.JPG (86357 bytes)
The Snoopy Family had their First Annual Thanksgiving Get-together last year.  First row, from left:  Spike Junior, Spike, Snoopy, Sweetie, Belle, Cutie.  Second row, from left:  Joe Cool, Paw, Snoopy Junior, Andy, Nico, Pop, Prof, Marbles.   Not pictured: Fluffy and (newly member) Rouge.


98tg05.jpg (53808 bytes)
The Snoopy Family at their Second Annual Family Reunion, in 1998.  Top row, from left:  Fluffy, Marbles, Joe Cook, Snoopy Junior, Rouge, Pop, Cap, Prof, and Sleepy.   Bottom row, from left:  Nico, Cutie, Paw, Belle, Sweetie, Snoopy, Spike, Spike Junior, and Andy.  Everyone claims that the Snoopy picture on the pumpkin which dad drew is a picture of him/her!


dadcard.jpg (42316 bytes)
This is a postcard I got recently from Dad.  He drew the picture.  I always knews that he was a good artist...but boy...I am very impressed!


Nagoya_Castle.JPG (88335 bytes)
My grandparents, sis, aunt, two cousins, and me in front of Nagoya Castle, on November 29, 1980.  Oh, I'm the one sitting next to my grandfather.


98xm04.jpg (48473 bytes)
Mom, Sis, Mom, and Me, Christmas 1998.


Mom_and_Dad.JPG (60913 bytes)
Two of my favorite people :o).



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