Here are some pictures from Arundel High School Class of '88 10 Year Reunion, October 17, 1998:


ahs1.jpg (24745 bytes)  Dave DaveA.jpg (3404 bytes) and me.


ahs2.jpg (24000 bytes) Neal's lovely girlfriend, Neal NealK.jpg (3700 bytes), me, and Steve SteveA.jpg (3880 bytes).  This is Neal and me at our graduation:  NealMeL.JPG (78917 bytes)


ahs3.jpg (12744 bytes) Dave and a lady (who I cannot remember who she is!!)


ahs4.jpg (12744 bytes) Tom TomD.jpg (3855 bytes) and his wife.


ahs5.jpg (22342 bytes)


ahs6.jpg (28939 bytes)  The soccer dudes (and then some):   Back row: Kevin KevinM.jpg (4405 bytes), John JohnR.jpg (3823 bytes), Neal, Steve, Kirby KirbyK.jpg (4260 bytes).  Middle row:  I can't figure out who the first guy is!, Troy TroyD.jpg (5067 bytes), Craig CraigB.jpg (4801 bytes), Pat PatT.jpg (3792 bytes), and Dave J. DaveJ.jpg (4233 bytes).  Bottom row:  me, Chris ChrisT.jpg (4483 bytes), and another guy whom I can't figure out.


ahs7.jpg (20453 bytes) Benji BenjiS.jpg (3643 bytes) and Paul PaulG.jpg (4282 bytes).


ahs8.jpg (27256 bytes) Greg GregD.jpg (3248 bytes), my first American friend and me.  This was us back in December of 1980:  greg.jpg (14893 bytes)