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babyS.jpg (5003 bytes)


Pictures of my sister Masako, my cousin Hitoshi and Me when I was about 2 years old.
Kindergarten (44964 bytes)


My first day of kindergarten.
Neal&MeS.JPG (41779 bytes)


My friend Neal and me at Arundel High School Graduation, June 3, 1988.
BettyS.JPG (34390 bytes)


My friend Betty with my Evil Twin Sister, May 1991.

Chris, Mitz, Rob (8264 bytes)


Lehigh University Graduation, May 30, 1993.

XmasParty94S.JPG (37837 bytes)


At Interleaf Holiday Party, with some friends, December 1994.
OriginalMinotaursS.jpg (4959 bytes)


The original Interleaf Minotaurs, March 8, 1995...with Mike, JB, BillO, Kevin, Geannie, Nicola, Steve, Pam, Sara, Stephanie, ?, Liz, Me, and Khaled.
2131s.jpg (42614 bytes)


September 6, 1995, Game #2131.  Need I say more?
Minotaurs '96 (57304 bytes)


Interleaf Indoor Soccer Team "Minotaurs" after winning a playoffs game, March '96...with Khaled, Dima, Kevin, Stephanie, JB, Dan, Jane, Debbie, and me.
ileafS.jpg (4852 bytes)


Some of the co-workers at Interleaf (I believe they are all Interlefts by now), July 1996.
Rafting1 (42217 bytes)


Whitewater rafting in Maine, August 3, 1996.

Sunny Florida Keys (7090 bytes)


Enjoying the sun and warm weather in sunny Florida Keys, January 1997.
MakotoOzoneS.JPG (36532 bytes)


Me with jazz virtuoso Makoto Ozone and Lizanne, February 11, 1997.

Ki-Yin, Snoopy, Mitz (4808 bytes)


Jenny, Snoopy, and Me at Knott's Berry Farm, November 23, 1997.

ahs5S.jpg (5972 bytes)


Arundel High School Class of '88 Ten-Year Reunion, October 17, 1998.
weddingS.jpg (5259 bytes)


Photos from Rob and Ruba's wedding, April 17, 1999.
erwanS.jpg (4515 bytes)


At Erwan of Siam, with Ron, Cathy, Ruba, Rob, and MeiLin.
y2ks.jpg (5000 bytes)


Boston's First Night Y2K celebration.
ApMayY2Ks.jpg (7125 bytes)


Random photos from April and May 2000.
0006.jpg (6210 bytes)


Random photos from June, July, and August 2000.


A 52-week vacation in Montreal, August 2000 to September 2001.


With the Interlefts in what seemed at the time was my retirement season from playing softball, May 2001.


Farewell gathering in Boston's Chinatown, September 2001.


"Bon Voyage" dinner with family, September 2001.


My first experience in Shibuya, September 2001.


My very first time visiting Yokohama, September 2001.


Trip to Kamakura, Japan, September 2001.


The sun falling down on Yuigahama, Japan, October 2001.


Visiting Tokyo Castle, December 2001.


Christmas Illumination in Ebisu, Tokyo, December 2001.


Trip to Singapore, April 2002.


My first tanabata experience in Hiratsuka, Japan, July 2002.


Old friend Rob S. visiting Tokyo, July 2002.


Visiting Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, August 2002.


Trip to London, March 2003.


Trip to Boston, April 2003.


A Family Reunion in Tokyo, May 2003.


A vacation in Los Angeles, September 2003.


Another trip to Boston, October 2003.

Also contained within:
     Masako & Taisuke's wedding


Trip to Nikko, Japan, October 2003.


Yet another trip to Boston, November 2003.

Also contained within:
     Andy & Deb's wedding


A special little party for me in Tokyo by my colleagues, March 2004.


Even yet another trip to Boston, March 2004.

Also contained within:
     Driving through NYC
     Stopping by my Alma Mater


Trip to Israel, August 2004.


A quick trip to Nagoya, September 2004.


Halloween Party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi, Tokyo, October 2004.


My winning the office-wide MVP award (the winning prize was Nintendo DS), December 2004.


Hatsumoude in Tokyo, January 2005.


Misonikomi Party (a.k.a. "Thank you for your friendship and guidance the past 3 years" Party) at my place in Tokyo, January 2005.


Farewell company dinner at Aoyama Laputa in Tokyo, January 2005.


Farewell gathering at The New Otani in Tokyo, January 2005.


Returning to the States (dinner with mom & dad) in Reading, January 2005.


Family at the Symphony Hall, Boston, March 2005.


Dinner Party at Launa & Gerard's place, April 2005.


Lupin and Ritsupie visiting Boston from Tokyo, April 2005.


Trip to New York City to see Toto (!) at B.B. King's, May 2005.


Trip to Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan, July 2005.

Also contained within:
     The Fourth of July celebration in Boston
     A brief stop in Tokyo
     Trip to Singapore


My making a comeback in softball in 2005, four years after my retirement.


A visit to Fenway Park, September 2005.


2nd trip to Israel, September 2005.


Party at Launa & Gerard's place, December 2005.


Celebrating New Year's Eve with the family in Boston, December 2005.


Trip to Beijing, January 2006.


The Great Wall of China, January 2006.


Trip to Shanghai, January 2006.


A short trip to Ise, Japan, January 2006.


Trip to New York City, April 2006.


Trip to Atlanta, May 2006.


The 2006 Lobguins after the first win of the season, June 2006.


Visit to Fenway Park (to see Jon Lester's MLB debut!), June 2006.


The Fourth of July celebration in Boston, July 2006.


Meeting the Blue Man, July 2006.


Lobguins' farewell game with Mera-san and Chako-san, July 2006.


The tradition continues:  Interlefts vs. Mercy Rule, August 2006.


Trip to India, September 2006.


Trip to Tokyo, September 2006.


Dinner with some old friends in Tokyo, October 2006.


2nd trip to Beijing, October 2006.


Trip to Tokyo, November 2006.


A Dinner Party at Launa & Gerard's place, March 2007.


Matt, Gary, and I attending GPC in Boston, April 2007.


Ritsupie and Lupin visiting Boston for the 2nd time, April 2007.


Trip to New York City, April 2007.


Meeting John Henry (pictured) and Theo Epstein (not pictured) at Fenway Park, May 2007.


Nashua Pride game, May 2007.


The 2007 Lobguins at Yusuke's farewell game, June 2007.


Trip to Denver, July 2007.


Mercy Rule winning the championship, July 2007.


Interlefts after defeating the defending champions, August 2007.


Party at Launa & Gerard's place, August 2007.


My first experience flying a plane, September 2007.


Meeting legendary Cal Ripken, Jr., September 2007.


Team Dinner at Angelo's in Stoneham, September 2007.


Lobguins at the 2007 New England Cup, October 2007.


3rd trip to Israel, October 2007.


Trip to Tokyo, November 2007.


Trip to Nara, Japan, November 2007.


Christmas Party at Mami & Osamu's place, December 2007.


Team Dinner, January 2008.


Trip to Hikone, Japan, February 2008.


Hanging out (briefly) in Tokyo, February 2008.


Trip to Kuala Lumpur, March 2008.


Meeting Cal again, April 2008.


The 2008 Lobguins, May 18, 2008.


Sierra & Erdem's wedding, May 2008.


Lawn party at Launa & Gerard's place, June 2008.


A trip to Fenway Park, June 2008.


Lobguins after the first win of the season, June 2008.


Trip to Colorado, July 2008.


Trip to Gloucester and Rock Port, July 2008.


Dinner party at Launa & Gerard's place, July 2008.


"Interlefts Reunion", aka "Revenge of the Interlefts", aka "Interlefts vs. Mercy Rule, the 2008 Edition", August 16, 2008.


Trip to the Yankee Stadium, August 30, 2008.


Playing baseball for the first time in 21 the Central Park, August 31, 2008.


Trip to NYC, August 31 - September 1, 2008.


Lobguins at JAGB and New England Cup Tournaments, October 2008.


Trip to Singapore and Japan, November - December 2008.  [Coming Soon!]


Trip to Japan, January - February 2009.  [Coming Soon!]


Trip to Japan, March 2009.  [Work-in-Progress]


Random Softball Photos from the 2009 season.  


Bon Voyage Parties, October 2009. 


Some photos taken in Tokyo, October - November 2009. 


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