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There are not that many web sites which I enjoy frequenting, but here are some of my favorites :o) .  More will be added very soon....


bulletFriends' Home Pages:
bulletRob and Ru's Home Page
A nice home page by Rob and Ruba, with a lot of images...very neat!

bulletMakorin's Home Page
My sis Masako's home page, with a lot of useful information on Japanese cuisine in Boston.

bulletTom's Official Party Shot
An old friend's page, filled with a lot of party photos.

Yuji-san's Home Page.  There are some great surfing pictureshere...check them out!

bulletZeke's Web Site
My friend Zeke's page.  It needs to be updated a little more oftne...maybe? :o)

bulletMusic Related:
bulletAUMusicLink.gif (9492 bytes)Awin Urustim Music
Home of Awin Urustim Music, my publishing company.

bulletlogoblau64.gif (4811 bytes)Toto99.COM
The official home page of the rock band Toto.

bullettile.gif (5434 bytes)
The official home page of the rock band Chicago.

bulletclub_logo_3.jpg (9780 bytes)welcome_blue.gif (7445 bytes)
Valley Arts Guitar Robot Owner's Club

Excellent source of information on Valley Arts Guitars.


Dawayne Bailey:   Official Site
Official home page of former guitarist for Chicago.  He is not only an excellent guitarist, but also a really nice guy.

bulletSports Related:
bulletTo Interleft Softball WebInterleft Softball Web
Home page for my softball team.

bulleth.gif (6885 bytes)ESPN.COM

bullet98logo-march-10-small.gif (8415 bytes)The
The best site to keep up with the news on the Baltimore Orioles.

bulletSome of my other favorite sites:!

Snoopy's home in Japan.

bulletMore to come....soon!