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March 22, 1998

What's new?  Well...a lot has been going on; where would you like me to start?  Well, the first thing is this website...actually, I have been working on three different websites right now.  If you search around this site, you'll find out ways to visit other websites that I've been working on.  As you probably have noticed, it is hardly complete and I'm still working on a few things (for example, the hit counter that displays fine on intranet running on my PC but it doesn't appear at all on internet web)...but I'm hoping that it will be all operational in a few weeks.  So, I hope you will keep on coming back to all the websites that I've been working on.  They have been up and running for a week now, and if you've been making a frequent stop here you'll know that they have been updated quite frequently....

It is snowing now in Boston area...when does it stop?  When will spring be here?  I guess that's the question to which I'd like to know the answer.  But I've started planning for my spring/summer months (including my softball plans and my trips to the Fenway Park, among other things).  Also, both my five-year reunion at Lehigh University and ten-year reunion at Arundel High School is coming I'm really looking forward to them.  I'm also hoping to make another trip to Cali...maybe L.A. and S.F. this time around.  I haven't had a *real* vacation where I just hang out on the beach and relax, so I'm hoping that this year I'll get to do some of that...and that's why I'm trying to plan things out ahead of time, unlike usual.

Music-wise, I'm hoping to shoot for the release date of sometime in August for the album that I've been working on.  Most of the songs have been composed, and I have to finish writing the lyrics to a few songs.   Recording is, as usual, going rather slow...  I just can't wait until I start pressing the CD's and you get to hear my I'm trying hard to get to that point!   Please keep on coming back to this page for updates on the status of the album.   In the near future, I'm hoping to have excerpts from the album to which you can listen on this please stay tuned!